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Our kitchen uses gluten, soy, nuts, seeds, fish, eggs, dairy, and shellfish.
Please advise us if you are allergic to any of these items so we can be vigilant. However, we cannot guarantee cross contamination will not occur. 
** Ingredient containing allergen is optional in meal 

Vegetarian Options
**Vegan Option

(Please advise server if food is to be  Vegan)

Green Coconut Curry (fish sauce)

Red Thai Curry (fish sauce)

**Veggie Donburi

**Vegan Pad Thai

**Vegan Spring Rolls

**Curried Lentil Dip (served with dairy free naan)

**Indonesian Tofu


**Vegan Wine

Contains Gluten


Fried Spring Rolls

Karage Chicken Bites

Naan Bread

Karage Donburi

Nasi Goreng

Housemade Cheesecake

Kids Chicken Bites

Curried Lentil Dip (served with Naan bread)

Tofu (optional)

Pad Thai (optional)

Veggie Donburi (optional)

Contains Soy


Fried Spring Rolls

Chicken Kara-age

Pad Thai

Nasi Goreng

**Veggie Donburi (tofu)

** Pad Thai (tofu)

Contains Nuts

Panang Curry (peanuts)

Peanut Sauce (peanuts)

Spicy Mayo (sesame)

Bali Curry

Red Snapper Curry

**Pad Thai (optional)

**Veggie Donburi (sauce)

**Karage Donburi (sesame)

Indonesian Tofu (sauce)

Contains Fish Sauce

(Our fish sauce is anchovy based)

Red Thai Curry

Green Coconut Curry

Panang Curry

**Spring Rolls (sauce)

Contains Egg

**Pad Thai

**Nasi Goreng

Naan (may contain traces)

Contains Dairy


Ice Cream

Housemade Cheesecake

Contains Shellfish

**Pad Thai

**Nasi Goreng

**Red Thai Curry

(Please note: Our Oyster Sauce contains MSG)

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